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As MTİ Construction we serve in many fields of construction sector. the areas which we have operated most are architectural project, engineering, restoration, urban transformation, steel construction and sheathing.


The architectural project is a project that gives information about the plans of the building to be built, its external appearance, proportions of the masses to each other, interior details and all other details.


The feasibility of a particular structure means the whole of the services that make the project, account, tender file, and the audit work and construction in accordance with the plan, project and applicable laws and regulations during the construction phase.


Restoration; is to repair and rehabilitate damaged parts of an art work such as an architectural work, a painting or a sculpture without damaging its original appearance and its artistic value.


Determination of risk values and possible earthquake performance of the current building stocks in all or part of the city in the extent of a project and estimation of demolution collapse of these building stock when facing an actual earthquake.


Steel construction is a steel building system that is rapidly becoming popular because it is fast, safe and economical and has certain standards. Steel construction structures are divided into heavy steel and light steel construction structures.